5 days, 10 guests, 5 topics of discussion to understand what we can expect from the next academic year

In collaboration with: Fondazione Agnelli, J medical, Lions Club Torino Crocetta Duca D’Aosta, Koelliker Hospital of Turin, Sci Club Sestiere

After the long lockdown, in parallel with the re-opening of schools, Wins relaunches the debate over the future of the academic year and how it is possible to face the educational challenges that will arise.

For a week, from 7th to 11th September at 9am, two guests will connect 15 minutes a day with WINS – World International School of Torino and with Enrico Gentina, creative director of TEDxTorino, to discuss education in all its various aspects.

All the appointments can be followed live on Wins Facebook page ( and on TEDxTorino Facebook page (

Five are the appointments and the topics of discussion.

We will start on Monday, 7th September with “Learning disability and online learning”, a meeting on learning disabilities. If the real challenge of next academic year will be not to leave anyone behind, one of the first issues to be addressed will be that of pupils with specific learning disabilities, sometimes penalized by distance learning. We will talk about it with the specialists of the Koelliker Hospital of Turin and the specialists of WINS.

There will be present the parents who played an important role during the lockdown: they learned (and re-learned) a lot, they sat at the school desks, but they also played the teachers’ role and got to know their point of view. Now, what is going to await them and how will their approach to school change in the future? Appointment on Tuesday, 8th September with the meeting “Parents’ challenges before and after the lockdown”, with Miguel Angel Belletti and Elasti alias Claudia de Lillo, to deal with these topics together.

The long hours spent by the students in front of the screen made them more confident about technology but at the same time this exposed them to risks they were not always aware of. On Wednesday, 9th September we will talk about “Bullying, cyberbullying and cybersecurity”, with Maria Alessandra Parigi, President of Lions Club Torino Crocetta Duca D’Aosta and the engineer Mr. Renato Albano. Urgent topics to be addressed, now more than ever: they are two sides of the same coin that have taken – and can take – new forms.

Furthermore, a meeting on Thursday, 10th September “Digital Education between accessibility and inclusion“ with Andrea Gavosto, President of the Fondazione Agnelli and Francesco Ronchi, CEO of Synesthesia, during which the topic of the online learning between accessibility and inclusion will be discussed.

And what about the Canteens? And if our children will not be able to play sports as before, what will happen to their health?

On Friday, 11th September there will be a meeting on “Sports and health education” with the Health Director of J medical, Mr. Luca Semperboni and Simona Novara, Communication manager of Sci club Sestriere. With them we will discuss the importance of physical activity and the alternatives that students and teachers will be dealing with during the next academic year.

Note: All meetings are held in Italian

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