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“A good teacher can inspire hope, stimulate imagination, and infuse love for learning

Brad Henry


Debora Scibilia

I was born and grew up in Turin, a city full of life and possibilities
After completing my studies, education has always been central to my life and my job.
During my various work experiences and thanks to the “Early Years Educator” Specialization, I had the chance to learn different educational methods for children of different age groups.
At WINS, I enthusiastically teach Italian language and culture in an international, dynamic and multicultural environment. 
My greatest professional satisfaction is to encourage children to be curious and involve them in developing their desire for learning. My goal is to create a comfortable environment and an atmosphere full of motivation and enthusiasm with the children’s well-being as the first priority.
“Live in color” is my motto because I love the colors of cultures, languages, food, and people from all over the world!

Valerie Jansen
I am a graduate of the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools course in The Netherlands. Over the past few years, I have gained valuable teaching experience through my teaching experiences in both international and Dutch schools. To teach and work among the different cultures within international schools in London, Como, Amsterdam and The Hague was a very refreshing and, more importantly, a very valuable educational experience. I love working in an inquiry-based educational setting and I am especially impressed with the holistic approach the IB has to offer.
Raquel González Rubio

I am Spanish, from La Mancha, where most of the adventures of Don Quixote take place. After completing my degree in Business Administration, I explored the world of finance working in a bank until I decided to change my pathway and follow my passion to become a teacher. From 2007 to 2011, I worked in Madrid where I taught economics and mathematics and in 2012 I decided to move to Germany for an international experience. Since then, I have taught Spanish to all levels in bilingual and International schools in Hamburg, preparing the students for the Spanish IB and DELE exams. My teaching methodology allows me to combine some of my hobbies: education, Spanish music and cinema, trips and sports.

Elena Miakouchko

I was born in Russia. I graduated in piano with the highest marks in 1989 at the Conservatoire of Don, where I received a solid preparation under the guidance of the descendants of the prestigious H. Neuhaus Moscow Musical School. Still a student, I began to teach piano at the Scuola Superiore di Musica of my native Russian city. In 1990 I moved to Turin where I continued my activity, playing a rich classical repertoire at prestigious venues, including Circolo dei Artisti, Circolo dei Lettori, Teatro Orfeo, Circolo della Stampa , Biblioteca Musicale A. della Corte. My repertoire ranges from the Baroque era (Bach, Clementi, Cimarosa) to classics (Mozart, Beethoven) and romantics (Chopin, Debussy). Since 1993 I have been interested in Waldorf pedagogy for teaching in schools and I have attended seminars on anthroposophy and music pedagogy in Italy and Switzerland. From 1993 to 2003 I taught music at the Associazione Pedagogica Steineriana in Turin.

Giorgia Cipolla

Having grown up in a bilingual household with South African and Italian parents, I have first-hand experience of the challenges faced by students learning in bilingual education systems. I worked for the British Council in London, Rome and Madrid, and after several years in TEFL decided to specialise and become a primary school teacher.  I am inspired every day by my students and strive to be a role model for them. I believe we have a lot to learn from our students but to do so we have to make them feel supported and valued, and this is my mission, as well as providing them with the highest educational standards. As Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” I adopt a creative and dynamic approach in the classroom in order to establish an enjoyable and motivating learning environment. I choose to work in an IB school because I strongly believe in an open-minded and inquiry-based approach, set in an international context.


Elyse Jackson

I’m originally from the Great Lake State of Michigan where I earned my bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Michigan State University.  Upon graduating as member of the Global Educators Cohort Program, I set off on my journey of international teaching.  I spent the past three years as a primary school teacher at an international school in Prague, Czech Republic.  My experiences as an educator has laid a foundation for a love of learning which I hope to instill in my students so they can become lifelong learners.  I believe that collaboration is key to developing a positive learning environment where students feel supported, welcomed and respected.  I strive to constantly expand on my student’s curiosities, interests and inquiry skills.  Aside from teaching, I enjoy reading, writing and taking my dog on long walks. 

Valentina Casella

I was born in Ivrea, a small town added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List because of the social function of art promoted by Adriano Olivetti. Maybe that’s why social interactions and art are my main interests! As a consequence, I graduated in law and passed the bar exam, but I also got a PhD in Archaeology, History and Art History to learn more from the past. I love teaching and I’ve been working for five years at the University of Torino, where I did the research to publish two books and many papers on Greek, Roman, Roman-Egyptian, and Byzantine law history. I enjoy painting and making pottery so much that I dedicated a corner in my house to these activities, that I alternate with reading and that I accompany with classical and early music when I can’t attend a live concert. My aim at WINS is to convey my passions to my students in a funny and simple way, so that they could get the instruments to enjoy beauty in their everyday life and to develop a transdisciplinary mindset.

Pietro Nigro

I was brought up in Siracusa and got my degree in Humanities in Rome. Even though I often felt nostalgic about my homeland, and as much as I appreciate it, I always enjoyed living abroad. I decided to move to the US where I earned a Master of Fine Arts at Boston University. For a few years I worked in Los Angeles and Rome, however I decided to follow my calling for teaching and got a degree in Italian language and linguistics with the focus on Educational Sciences. Hence I started working as an educator whose teaching philosophy is a perfect match for the IB mission and vision; the learner profile truly resonates with me and I try my best to carry out those values and be a role model for my students. My joy for learning languages and discovering other cultures enhanced my empathy and my critical thinking, and that is what I want to pass on to my students, helping them discover their own way into the language as a key to accessing the world and fulfill themselves.


Rebecca Macdonald

I originally come from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland but moved to Edinburgh to study and work where I went on to gain my Early Years Practitioner Qualification. It is a real joy to work with this age group and to see how much they learn and grow through inquiry.
I am an Early Years Practitioner who is seeking to care for children and develop their skills through play while supporting parents/guardians in the early stages of family life.
My interests are Infant Massage Instructing, playing sports such as hockey and running, and eating ice cream on a sunny day…or any day for that matter!


Gianluca Sinico

Turin, according to me, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I was lucky enough to be born here. Once I turned 25 years old and had my Physical Education degree I started travelling. I have worked in North America, South East Asia and Oceania. I have always worked with children as a volunteer in the charity sector and I have taught a variety of physical activities such as swimming and athletics. Over the last few years I have looked closely at the complex relationship between body and mind and it is this relationship that I am trying to convey to my students.  My aim is to help them understand that P.E. is not just sport, but the interest in movement and its boundless potential for both body and mind.


Magdalena Matysow

I have joined a wonderful WINS team after teaching Grade 2 and being educational resources coordinator for three years at the international school in Kyrgyzstan. I graduated from the Linguistic Academy of Warsaw, where I gained my Bachelor degree in English Philology, specializing in teaching and translation. I completed my Master degree in Cultural Studies – with an emphasis on American Studies at the University of Warsaw. I became a teacher because I love to interact with children and watch as they learn, as well as facilitate the learning they participate in. I believe that each student can learn, not on the same day or in the same way, and teacher’s job is to push them to explore, encourage their questions, allow them to struggle, support their thinking, and watch them discover. As a teacher, I will endeavor to create an educational partnership with children that will foster courage, determination, and passion for knowledge. I believe that IB programme allows students to become global citizens that keep their mind opened and care about the world. 

Mabel Redaelli

After a degree in Modern Languages and a CELTA certificate, I started to work as an ESL teacher in London. Years later I decided to move to Turin, a city I had only visited once but found incredibly charming. Here, I collaborated with several schools as an English Language teacher and I decided to specialize in young learners, which led me to Nottingham to obtain my PGCE, with a specific focus on International Education. I love working with children and I am always fascinated by their enthusiasm and natural desire to learn. I believe a child-centered approach, based on discovery and play is the best ground a teacher can lay to promote a holistic understanding of the world around us.

Elisa Rossetto

Born in 1991, I obtained a degree in Communications from the University of Turin. Later on, following my passion, I decided to take a Master in Advanced Photography at the European Design Institute (IED) of Milan focusing on child photography and ending it with a thesis in Semiotics analyzing a particular kind of Japanese cartoon called “animeshon”. I then found myself chasing work opportunities and moved to different countries like the United States and Sweden working with children as an “au pair” and then as a photography assistant for different brands such as “HellyHansen”, “Monky” and “Cheap Monday”. Growing up in a small environment as the city of Cuneo hasn’t stopped me from loving multiculturalism since I was young. Working at WINS finally helps me pursue my dream to discover different realities and cultures.

Martine Rollandin

Born and raised between the beautiful Italian Alps, I early discovered my love for literature, traveling and my particular interest in social activities.

I graduated in Comparative Literatures in Turin and, while I was working in a newsroom as managing editor and team coordinator, I got a post-graduate degree in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. Although I became a journalist, teaching has always been my true passion. I worked in a rehabilitation center for minors with eating, mental disorders and drug addiction and, recently, I volunteered as an English and Geography teacher in the first youth center for children and teenage asylum seekers in Samos, Greece. For me, education is not just about lessons in textbooks: it is about the lessons of life. That’s why I strongly believe that we can change the world for good one child at a time.

Nicolò Toscano

Born and raised near Turin, I was lucky to spend my childhood and adolescence between sports and nature. Having attended an international high school made me quickly understand that multiculturalism is essential for personal and professional growth, so since the early years I have started making new experiences abroad, especially in Great Britain and the Netherlands. After graduating in Physics at the University of Turin, I undertook traveling again and went studying Astrophysics at the University of Valencia, to later return to Italy and complete my studies.

The time spent teaching scientific subjects, privately before and as a university admission test tutor after, made me understand that, since science is inherently democratic, the teacher’s role is to make it closer, tangible and above all collaborative.

Victoria Corkhill
I am originally from Washington, D.C. and love living in Torino, where I have lived for two years. I have had the opportunity to teach in the United States, Japan, and Italy. I am passionate about teaching, and believe that the PYP offers a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum that produces strong educational outcomes with a focus on global mindedness and good citizenship. In my classroom, I aim to create a warm, fun, and comfortable learning environment where children can explore their interests, take risks, and contribute to the classroom community. I firmly believe that all children can achieve academic success and aim to teach children with respect to their individual needs.
Aurora Maselli

I am 30 years old and I was born and raised in Modena, the city of lasagne, tortellini, Pavarotti and Maserati.
I completed high school in Modena as well as a College degree in Communication Sciences in Reggio Emilia. After that, I moved to Canada where I worked in the communication field and planned activities and events for family, kids and groups.
After coming back, I moved to Turin where I worked different jobs before starting a new career path in the education field and work with children.
I love working with kids; through their curiosity and questions, one can truly see things from a different perspective.
The world is new and mysterious for young students. They are curious, full of imagination and so enthusiastic to learn, and I hope to be an important part of their learning journey.

Marianna Cesano

After graduating from an Italian high-school, I moved to Granada, a multicultural and international city in Southern Spain. I pursued and obtained a degree in French Philology, specializing in the methodology of teaching French and Spanish as foreign languages. Soon after, I graduated with a Second Degree level master in literature Translation and Critical Edition from Lyon University (France).
I spent the last five years traveling, discovering new cultures and different worlds, challenging distance and all of the struggles inherent to conducting a life away from your own Ithaca. My dream has always been to conciliate my passion for literature translation with the teaching profession. I work for a Spanish publishing house as a translator for children’s books, but now I finally managed to add the final piece to my puzzle, thanks to WINS.
During classes, I privilege communication and inclusion, qualities which allow me to bond in a stronger way with my students, discern their strengths and weakness, in order to help them improve day by day, step by step.

Dora Paronetto

I hold a BA Honours in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury in UK (UKC) and then received my Master’s in Private Banking from CUOA, Italy, attending through an Italian banking institution who provided a full scholarship. Prior to studying at UKC, I earned the IB Diploma from the UWC IB boarding school of the Adriatic, attending through a prestigious scholarship that was awarded following a national selection.
I started my 12-year career in risk management in London as a financial data analyst, working in FSA, ICMA and several other auditing and consultancy organisations on significant projects such as SOX, IAS and compliance. My area of interest has always been economics and business, so I began teaching as a second career after working in the consultancy business of the ITC industry in Milan as a process consultant. To enhance my teaching credentials, I pursued a TEFL certification in Madrid where I worked as an English teacher as well mastering my way through numerous educational courses and professional experiences.
My teaching experience includes 5 years of teaching high IGCSE Business Studies and my financial education and experience have further enhanced my business skills and projects.
I am an avid adventurer and I find inner joy in diverse, multicultural and international environments. My pastimes include running, outdoor recreation and most of all, lifelong project management.
“I am just a teacher with a consultant approach and a passion for the International Baccalaureate. Most importantly, I love learning and have realised that it is my vocation to impact future generations through sharing my experiences”.

Andrea Serra
Born and raised in Italy, I opted for the UK for my post-degree qualifications: this choice was fuelled by my inborn passion for foreign languages, English in particular. IGCSE and the Diploma Programme have greatly enriched my experience as an ESL teacher over time. As an IBDP examiner, I truly believe we learn better when we share our experience with others: interaction seems an indispensable phase we can’t help taking in due consideration; rather, we should encourage it. As I see it, fruitful interaction builds upself-confidence, nourishes respect, develops mutual understanding, and welcomes the different. I have also learned knowledge acquisition never occurs in the vacuum. Everything is interconnected. Everything matters. This is my effort, this is my creed.
Deborah Gilmore

Born in Wales, bilingual English/Italian, I have been an ESL (English Second Language) teacher for over 20 years. I am a Baby Signs Instructor and the creator of Cookie and Spoon, two characters I use for working with children. I was a Kindermusik Educator for two years. I work very closely with my students and their families joining music, play, fun, passion for teaching and communication together in a global manner. I work in different institutions both local and private, working with all ages groups with the aim of promoting the learning of English in a “natural” way.  I am a CELTA teacher, mother of three adolescents, I love reading, singing and I adore Nutella!   My motto is: “The sooner you begin, the better!”

Jennifer Wolfe

I am originally from North Carolina but have fallen in love with Italy and my adoptive city of Turin, where I have lived for ten years. As a natural linguaphile, I began my career first as an English as a Second Language teacher and then, after completing my Master’s degree, as an Italian teacher. I am particularly passionate about language acquisition and how young children first learn to communicate. I am also a firm believer in the benefits of the IB PYP program for young learners, which embraces inquiry and promotes play, discovery and exploration. I believe that by supporting children’s natural curiosity and inclination to learn, we lay solid foundations for future learning. I am constantly amazed how such little people can achieve such remarkable things. I look forward to working with your children and accompanying them on this extraordinary journey!

Kristin Walter

I am originally from Saxony, one of the most beautiful regions in Germany due to its huge density of fortresses and magnificent castles.
After completing my university degree in German as a foreign language, English and Italian I went to Italy.
Here I had the opportunity to teach German to all levels: from university students to professionals at the first training centres, down to little ones at European institutes.
I love teaching and passing on my passion for the German language through interactive and funny lessons.
Michael Todd Currence

I have been teaching mathematics for over 25 years in the USA (Ohio, Florida), Torino and lastly in Abu Dhabi.
I have over 15 years experience teaching DP and MYP mathematics. I have taught the American Curriculum, IB curriculum, IGCSE and A-levels. My motto is “Do your best and forget the rest, just don’t forget the stuff on the test!”
Struan Macdonald

My passion for teaching started in Edinburgh, Scotland where I studied Physical Education and has now brought me to Torino. Within PHE I always aim to promote healthy living and essential life skills through a wide range physical activities. My interests are anything sport related from personal fitness to exploring the mountains by foot or skiing in the winter. Through my teaching I hope to share my love of sport and the role it can have for school life and beyond.

Joshua Solomon

I’m from Salisbury in the south of England. I have a degree in English Literature from Westminster University and a PGCE from the University of Nottingham. I gained my first teaching qualification in 2003 and taught English all around the world before returning to England to take up a teaching post at the University of the Arts London. Whilst there I taught on degree courses and created a program for the academic support and social integration of international students into University and British life. Since moving to Italy in 2014 I have worked in both primary and secondary education. My approach to teaching is very much student centered; I aim to engage the students and pass on my own passion for literature.

Carlotta Barra

I was born in 1995 in Turin. I graduated in Linguistic Mediation and I got a master’s degree in Translation with Portuguese and Spanish as main languages. During this training course I could join the Erasmus project in Lisbon, thanks to which I grew up and knew so many people from different countries and different traditions; this experience made me even more fascinated by multiculturalism. What does WINS represent for me? It is that reality in which internationality creates strong links between children and adults from all over the world and I am very happy to be part of it!

Maicy Coon

I am originally from Minnesota in the United States. This is where I first obtained an associate’s degree in psychology followed by a bachelor’s degree in animal and equine sciences. After spending some time working in the dairy and equine industries, I found myself constantly seeking work with individuals with special needs, especially children.

I followed my passion of helping those with learning differences and pursued my master’s degree in Social Work at Boston College, in Massachusetts. I worked as a primary school Social Worker in Boston before moving to Turin in 2019. As a SENs teacher, I am passionate about helping all students discover about themselves, gain confidence, and find the unique ways that they learn best. This helps the students I work with see and then reach their full potentials.

Carolina Corbò

I was born in Genoa, but I spent the first 14 years of my life around the world before settling down in Turin.

After graduating in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, I worked in various sectors, but I continued teaching English, and Italian as a foreign language only as an extra activity, until the turning point that occurred in 2015 when I flew to Scotland and obtained my CELTA.

Since then, my passion for teaching has never left me because I strongly believe that knowledge is the only and actual weapon to hand on to future generations.

I believe in the importance of mutual respect, in the acceptance of differences and in empathy as tools for creating a healthy and peaceful learning environment.

My motto is Let’s go the extra mile, but with our head screwed on!

Katoto Galgani

My name is Katoto. I have been teaching internationally for about 10 years now, after graduating in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, in 2010.

I hold a Master’s Degree in the teaching of Mathematics (with Technologies) from the University of Pisa, as well as a Teaching Diploma in Education.

I usually approach teaching in a fun and student-centered way, to allow students to engage with the subjects.

My goal at WINS is to help students improve their creativity prowesses as I believe it is the key skill needed for the generation of tomorrow.

As A. Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Marko Grba

I am a Science Teacher who genuinely cares about what the students learn and how they learn it. My long-term project is to get as many young people as possible to appreciate the great value of science – especially Physics – the deep truth about the Universe that science reveals. I was born in Croatia, where I attended grammar school and later obtained my master’s degree in Physics. I also studied Philosophy of Science at London School of Economics where I earned another master’s degree, which altogether, I believe, gives me a broader perspective on science and an appreciation of its philosophical aspects.

My teaching experience includes teaching in British private and state secondary schools for several years, a year in an international school in China, a couple of years of teaching in Croatia (grammar school and university course in philosophy of physics) as well as a year in Milan. The curricula I taught were A levels in Physics, GCSE and IGCSE (Science and Physics) and IB DP Physics and Mathematics as well as Croatian national curriculum.

When I am not teaching or writing, I am away exploring some ancient site (I travelled the ancient Silk Road), or as yet an unspoiled piece of wilderness (I visited Tibet and Mt Everest Base Camp).

Marko Kronfeld

I am originally from Stuttgart, in Germany.

I moved to Turin in 1997 with my family when I was 15 years old and since then I studied and trained here in Turin at the Università degli Studi di Torino.

I explored the world of being a translator and interpreter in the car industry. I also used my linguistic knowledge in the tourist sector and I gave my voice to some audio books for German learning books. From the time I was in university when I helped my friends to learn proper German, I never lost the passion to teach my language, to share my culture, the history of my root, and the unique way the Germans talk, think and work. I have taught my passion since 2006 to kids, teenagers and adults and every time I see a progress or an improvement I feel like the citizens of the world are coming a bit closer together.

I’m convinced that learning a language helps us to understand each other better, which could lead us to a worldwide peaceful living together.

Sean Loughney

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, where I have recently achieved a Masters in Education and a teaching license in history and political education.

I have been lucky enough to work with children in some amazing countries such as Ireland, USA, Italy and most recently in China. It has given me the opportunity to explore and appreciate different cultures as well as new perspectives towards modern education.

My approach to teaching is to create a safe learning environment whereby students feel they can take risks and share their opinions on issues that still need answering. I have learnt that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

My motto is very simple: “stay curious”

Cliodhna Murphy

I am a Primary School teacher from Kilkenny in the south-east of Ireland. I have a passion for art, swimming and travel.

I have taught for seven years and am excited to start my eighth year at WINS. Over the last few years, I have taught in different countries, experiencing different cultures and types of education. I have experience in teaching in many different age groups, ability groups, socio-economic and cultural environments.

Reading is an area that I hold close to my heart, having worked in a bookshop for many years. It is of central importance in education in my eyes and so I love to encourage a deep love for reading, wherever I go.

I love being a teacher and strive to be the best that I can be, to give children the greatest opportunities to achieve at their own levels and to love learning as much as I have done throughout my life.

Rossella Pastore

I have always been proud of my roots and the cultural heritage of my country. However, I have always had a strong interest and curiosity towards multiculturalism and language learning.

After achieving a degree in Lingue e Letterature Straniere and a degree in Interpretazione di Conferenza in Italy and after several work experiences in England, my vocation for teaching arrived, marking a significant turning point in my life. I completed a PGCE in Foreign Modern Languages at London Metropolitan University and thus far, I have taught Italian, Spanish, English and French.

The IB philosophy is my inspiration. I feel a great responsibility towards my pupils and society and my ultimate goal is to provide my students with a unique learning experience which is engaging, relevant, and inspiring, in which my pupils are protagonists of their own learning and acquire not only the ability to reflect on global concepts, but manly to identify with them.

My pedagogical and teaching approach aims at stimulating passion, curiosity, communication, reflexion, critical thinking, risk-taking and problem-solving skills, independence, resilience and creativity.

Katharine Tracey

I am originally from the Chicago land area in the United States, however, I now call Turin home after moving here over 7 years ago.  I received my undergraduate degree at Indiana University, where after, I continued my studies in Italy with a masters in communications and an additional graduate degree in international teaching which led me to the wonderful world of IB teaching and learning. I have been teaching in various school environments, throughout my time in Italy, where English is primarily a second language.
I believe that learning is an experience to be had outside the book, and that is why I am a strong advocate for the IB teaching and learning program.  I aim to bring my passion for teaching and learning to our students so they can become enthusiastic life time learners.
I strive to encourage a positive, uplifting, dynamic and well organized classroom in order for my students to succeed.
If you can’t find me in the classroom, you’ll be able to find me on a yoga mat, skiing down a mountain, or planning my next trip.
María Belèn Gamas Morales

I am from Mérida, a UNESCO World Heritage city, in the beautiful region of Extremadura, in the south west of Spain. I got my English Studies degree at the University of Extremadura and my teaching certificate at the University of Salamanca. I am currently taking a master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language at Nebrija University.
I have worked as an English teacher in Spain, and I have been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years around the world: United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya and now, Italy.  I have worked with different systems: Spanish Curriculum, UK National Curriculum, IGCSE, A Levels and IB DP.
I am an IB examiner for Spanish B. I love the IB system, and I am very glad to be able to work with MYP at WINS.

Pamela Galván

I am originally from Mexico, now I love living in Italy. I have had the opportunity to live in different countries since a very young age which also led me to develop a deeper interest in different cultures and their diverse forms of expression and thinking. That is the reason why I decided to attended a three-year Plastic Arts course and to learn French and Italian before my University studies.

After my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Masters in Marketing and Innovation, I had several experiences in Event Planning, Design and Decoration in the private and public sectors. For a long time, I also volunteered in the Indigenous Communities’ Education Development Program as a Spanish and English teacher because I strongly believe that everybody deserves a better education, thus the right to have the same opportunities. I love being in contact with children and I strive to do my best to offer them a fun, warm and comfortable environment to learn, stay curious and work as part of a community.

When I am not teaching, I become a student: I am currently attending a Women’s Health course and another one in Norwegian language. I like to spend my spare time creating content for digital projects, doing crafty stuff, writing or dancing.


Giulia Mazzocchi

After graduating in Communications at the Catholic University of Milan, I had my first professional experience in Human Resources for a multinational company and afterwards, I have worked for ten years at the Istituto Europeo di Design, managing the Communication and Marketing department. In my life and work I love to get in touch with people and carry out projects building positive synergies in any situation. For this reason, at WINS I aim to create a positive experience for children and their families, so that they can live in a school where they feel welcomed, listened to and appreciated.
With my husband and my son, I take a plane every time we can to fulfill our great desire to explore the world.

Barbara Battaglino

I spent the last 16 years abroad, in the UK and Spain, working as an International Education consultant for the IBO and as a teacher and IB Coordinator.  I have an Italian Honours Degree in Sciences of Education, from Turin University.

I obtained her PGCE (Professional Graduate Certificate in Education) from Plymouth University in February 2009, and my QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning & Skills Status) in December 2009, from IFL (Institute for Learning).

I moved to the United Kingdom in 2006, where I have been involved in Upper school education as a language teacher, and later as CAS Coordinator, working in a range of educational contexts in both private and state schools.

Since 2011 I have been an active member of the IB Educator Network covering a range of roles in IB assessment and IB professional development: IB DP examiner; author of exam papers for Language B Italian; and IB DP Workshop leader for Language ab- initio.

From 2015 I collaborate with IBO as consultant, supporting candidate schools through the process of authorization, and has become a Team Leader School Visitor in charge of verification visits to candidate schools.

I moved to Spain where I worked as Consultant, in charge of the authorization process of an International school in Madrid, and then IB DP Coordinator until June 2019.

In 2019 I published teaching and learning material for English ab-initio and Spanish ab-initio with the Company Espacio de profesores de CID (Comunidad Intercultural de Docentes).

I believe that an IB Education can be a life changing experience for our children

I consider myself blessed by the opportunity of sharing with our kids the experience of discovery and learning on a daily basis.

Elisa Prisco

I was raised in a bilingual context, which has undoubtedly affected my passion for multicultural understanding; therefore, I pursued my studies inforeign languages – English, German, French – and I am currently completing my MBA in Educational Leadership at the University of Cumbria (UK).
My area of expertise is language learning and development in Early Childhood, with a focus on English Phonics and Grammar.
As a former School Director of IB schools and mother to an IB student, I hold a comprehensive view of the benefits IB programmes provide to our children.
My extensive training and experience with IB programmes – PYP, MYP, DP – allow me to tune in to the school scenario easily and collaboratively work with the Senior Leading Team to magnify the current value of the school, as well as provide new targets and practices for the whole community.
WINS represent an excellent opportunity for their students and staff, and I feel extremely honoured to have joined such a prestigious community of learners.

Alessia Ferraro

I was born in 1993. Studying in an International high-school I was given the opportunity to concentrate on the learning of other languages; I took both English and Spanish language certifications, but most importantly I had the chance to participate in different language study vacations in Spain and Panama, where I fell in love with their culture. I took an Italian and Spanish diploma and went on with my studies obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Mediation and a master’s degree in Translation focusing on Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.
All of this gave me the opportunity to work as an intern at the Univerdidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville where I assisted the Italian language course teachers. This experience introduced me to the world of education, and the international environment I found at WINS really combines the best of two worlds. I love being in constant contact with other languages and cultures and mediating between them truly is a satisfaction.

Sara Raso

I was born in 1992. Since I have always had a great interest in foreign languages and cultures, I got a three-year degree in Linguistic mediation (Interpreting and Translation) and I attended a post-graduate course in Specialized translation (technical and scientific fields).

I studied English, German and French and I worked for three years as a translator.

I love animals and I have a great passion for dance and music. I have been dancing for more than ten years and since May 2019 I have been hosting a live radio show, broadcast in the evening once a week.

Driven by the desire to get involved in an innovative and dynamic reality, I sent my application to WINS. I am so proud to be part of this team!


Alice Laureana

Gheorghe Luchian
My working experiences begin in Rumania, UK and Italy making a life and working journey a way to improve my skills. I’m a professional decorator for private homes and shops, a specialist in galvanic implants and surface treatment. I also worked in a university library with logistic tasks.
As a WINS team member, I believe it is essential to give the best of my professional skills to make the school a fun and pleasant place to be part of. In this new project, I find a strong spirit of collaboration, willingness, kindness and commitment from all members of staff, together we are building one of the best schools in Italy. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and outdoors activities. Whenever I have the opportunity, like to escape the city to enjoy favorited hobby.
Valentina Brignolo
I graduated here in Torino, and shortly after completing my goal I went to England, first to Newcastle-Under-Lyme and a year later to Nottingham, the famous hometown of Robin Hood. I worked in both cities in public and university hospitals and have gained experience in several departments. In previous years I worked with children, particularly between the ages of 0-5, as I have the Early Childhood Educator qualification. During my free time I love to visit new cities, museums and restaurants, as well as spending time with my family and friends. I love my job and being in touch with other people. I’m excited to work on this new project that gives me the opportunity to interact with a young, innovative and multiethnic environment.
Daniela Prando

My name is Daniela and I am the librarian at World International School of Torino. I’ve always loved books, libraries and bookstores. My work as a librarian started in the Netherlands where I lived for ten years and worked as a volunteer for a few years in the International School of Hilversum. Then the last few years my volunteering turned into a part time job. I’m very excited that the libraries in the school are growing fast. The students in the PYP and EY are always very happy to come in the library to read and borrow our books. Some of them sometimes choose to come in the library during recess time “to work” as a librarian, and help tiding up the shelves.
We have always a lot of projects running in the library to support the MYP, PYP AND EY teachers and students with the curriculum.

Silvia Maderna

 I was born in Milan in 1995. After getting a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature at the University of Milan, I decided to follow a career path in the field of Human Resources, to combine management with a passion for people. In order to do that I enrolled in a 1st level Master degree at Bocconi University (MasterOP), that gave me the knowledge and the means needed to thrive in the HR field. At WINS I have the opportunity to work in my chosen field in an international environment, in which academic excellence goes along with appreciation of each person’s worth. In my free time I enjoy reading as much as I can and travelling all around Europe.

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