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“A good teacher can inspire hope, stimulate imagination, and infuse love for learning

Brad Henry


Victoria Corkhill

I am originally from Washington, D.C. and love living in Torino, where I have lived for two years. I have had the opportunity to teach in the United States, Japan, and Italy. I am passionate about teaching, and believe that the PYP offers a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum that produces strong educational outcomes with a focus on global mindedness and good citizenship. In my classroom, I aim to create a warm, fun, and comfortable learning environment where children can explore their interests, take risks, and contribute to the classroom community. I firmly believe that all children can achieve academic success and aim to teach children with respect to their individual needs.

Leslie Cruz

I just wrapped up two years of teaching kindergarten in Shanghai, China and it opened my eyes to beautiful experiences, and breathtaking travels around Asia. I believe that for a child to learn they must feel safe. I lead with the heart and fully intend on creating an environment where children can explore, grow, and thrive. In my room your child will always come first.

Debora Scibilia

I was born and grew up in Turin, a city full of life and possibilities
After completing my studies, education has always been central to my life and my job.
During my various work experiences and thanks to the “Early Years Educator” Specialization, I had the chance to learn different educational methods for children of different age groups.
At WINS, I enthusiastically teach Italian language and culture in an international, dynamic and multicultural environment. 
My greatest professional satisfaction is to encourage children to be curious and involve them in developing their desire for learning. My goal is to create a comfortable environment and an atmosphere full of motivation and enthusiasm with the children’s well-being as the first priority.
“Live in color” is my motto because I love the colors of cultures, languages, food, and people from all over the world!

Valerie Jansen

I am a graduate of the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools course in The Netherlands. Over the past few years, I have gained valuable teaching experience through my teaching experiences in both international and Dutch schools. To teach and work among the different cultures within international schools in London, Como, Amsterdam and The Hague was a very refreshing and, more importantly, a very valuable educational experience. I love working in an inquiry-based educational setting and I am especially impressed with the holistic approach the IB has to offer.

Jacqueline Catalano

I was born and raised in a small community in central British Columbia, Canada. I graduated with my Bachelor of Education from Thompson River’s University.  Right after I got my certification, I taught briefly in a multi-grade primary classroom on a First Nation’s Reserve.  Shortly after that, I decided to take my career to Shanghai, China, where I have been teaching at an international school for the past four years. I am passionate about the fine arts and try to integrate them into my daily lessons and classroom community as much as possible.  Other than my love for teaching, I really enjoy getting outside for a run, or a hike into the mountains.

Marta Prosperini

I am a PYP Italian mother-tongue teacher from Bologna. I received my university degree in teaching kindergarten and primary school and a master’s degree in communication and non verbal languages. I am also specialized in education science as support teacher for children with learning disabilities.
It has always been my goal to practice this profession, as I see teaching as my vocation. After having obtained my professional qualifications, I started teaching in several schools and educational services, which allowed me to have a very complete professional training for students aged 3 to 12. I am a dynamic and creative person who believes in communication and I especially like to work with children while speaking different languages. 
I am also passionate about music, a fundamental and universal communication tool that stimulates creativity and emotions and I try to use it as much as possible in my daily work.

Raquel González Rubio

I am Spanish, from La Mancha, where most of the adventures of Don Quixote take place. After completing my degree in Business Administration, I explored the world of finance working in a bank until I decided to change my pathway and follow my passion to become a teacher. From 2007 to 2011, I worked in Madrid where I taught economics and mathematics and in 2012 I decided to move to Germany for an international experience. Since then, I have taught Spanish to all levels in bilingual and International schools in Hamburg, preparing the students for the Spanish IB and DELE exams. My teaching methodology allows me to combine some of my hobbies: education, Spanish music and cinema, trips and sports.

Daniela Alisetta

My name is Daniela and I was born in a city not far from Turin called Alba, famous for white truffles and…Nutella of course! I graduated in language acquisition and linguistic mediation in the University of Turin. While I was studying I spent two years in Spain and Morocco where I increased my research about philology in the Universities of Seville and Rabat. Since I was very young I’m passionate about traveling and studying languages: teaching Italian in an international context like WINS is an important occasion for me to share and impart my passion to students from around the world. My mission is to develop communication in all of my students to grown up open-minded and caring IB learners in a respectful environment.

Nicole Ursprung

I am originally from the St Louis area in the United States. Prior to my world travels, I lived a very rural life and grew up on a dairy farm. From a very young age, I have always been passionate and curious about different areas of the social sciences. I did my undergraduate studies in history and anthropology at Northern Kentucky University, but found that I loved teaching after being hired to teach Agricultural Business Studies at a high school explicitly for foster youth. I moved to Sydney, Australia, where I completed my PGDE in Secondary Education and a Masters of Environmental Management. I have taught in San Diego, Sydney, Taoyuan (Taiwan), and Shanghai.
I have a wide variety of interests, but I enjoy spending my summers either reading books and playing/reviewing video games. I take a variety of online courses for fun and have been learning a variety of programming languages. If the weather is nice, I enjoy going out and exploring during bike rides.

Elena Miakouchko

I was born in Russia. I graduated in piano with the highest marks in 1989 at the Conservatoire of Don, where I received a solid preparation under the guidance of the descendants of the prestigious H. Neuhaus Moscow Musical School. Still a student, I began to teach piano at the Scuola Superiore di Musica of my native Russian city. In 1990 I moved to Turin where I continued my activity, playing a rich classical repertoire at prestigious venues, including Circolo dei Artisti, Circolo dei Lettori, Teatro Orfeo, Circolo della Stampa , Biblioteca Musicale A. della Corte. My repertoire ranges from the Baroque era (Bach, Clementi, Cimarosa) to classics (Mozart, Beethoven) and romantics (Chopin, Debussy). Since 1993 I have been interested in Waldorf pedagogy for teaching in schools and I have attended seminars on anthroposophy and music pedagogy in Italy and Switzerland. From 1993 to 2003 I taught music at the Associazione Pedagogica Steineriana in Turin.

Marta Gentili

I was born and raised in Turin (Italy). I graduated from U.S. Cameron High School (WI) and graduated in Sports and Sciences at the University of Turin. Then I completed a master’s degree in Functional Psychomotricity in Milan. For years I have been teaching motor activity in kindergarden, elementary, middle and high schools. While outside teaching, I work as a fitness trainer in gyms, teaching pilates, aerobics, gags etc. In addition to my work, I have been an AGESCI scout for years and I love Latin American dance and horseback riding.

Giorgia Cipolla

Sarah Morshead

I was born in London. Since studying Fine Art at University, I’ve practised as an artist and in the last 10 years or so I’ve combined this with art teaching and also gained my PGCSE. I really love art history and also seeing work by contemporary artists and I greatly enjoy sharing this with others. I also enjoy helping students to find their own creative voices through making and materials and research.
I’ve found that practising as an artist and being an art teacher go very well together, and generate ideas for each area which can be exciting, and the job never gets boring! Over the years I have worked with all age groups from 3 years to 80 years, and I’m really enjoying this new challenge at WINS. I’ve lived in many parts of the world and love to learn languages –  – my last post was in Rwanda and it was fun trying to learn the local language of Kinyarwanda!

Andrea Serra

Born and raised in Italy, I opted for the UK for my post-degree qualifications: this choice was fuelled by my inborn passion for foreign languages, English in particular. IGCSE and the Diploma Programme have greatly enriched my experience as an ESL teacher over time. As an IBDP examiner, I truly believe we learn better when we share our experience with others: interaction seems an indispensable phase we can’t help taking in due consideration; rather, we should encourage it. As I see it, fruitful interaction builds upself-confidence, nourishes respect, develops mutual understanding, and welcomes the different. I have also learned knowledge acquisition never occurs in the vacuum. Everything is interconnected. Everything matters. This is my effort, this is my creed.

Deborah Gilmore

Born in Wales, bilingual English/Italian, I have been an ESL (English Second Language) teacher for over 20 years. I am a Baby Signs Instructor and the creator of Cookie and Spoon, two characters I use for working with children. I was a Kindermusik Educator for two years. I work very closely with my students and their families joining music, play, fun, passion for teaching and communication together in a global manner. I work in different institutions both local and private, working with all ages groups with the aim of promoting the learning of English in a “natural” way.  I am a CELTA teacher, mother of three adolescents, I love reading, singing and I adore Nutella!


My motto is: “The sooner you begin, the better!”

Iván Martínez

I was born in Madrid (Spain), where I studied at an International School, later I studied Biology at University, I obtained a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Education and Globalization.
I started my professional career linked to the environmental sector in Spain, I managed sustainable development programs focused on tourism and education in La Jara (Spain). It was then that my passion for teaching grew, I have been teaching Science in Spain, Venezuela and France since then.
I could summarize my teaching philosophy as: when we are talking about learning, it is better to be an actor rather than a spectator. I strongly believe in inquiry and experiential education, students learn better when they have the chance to solve their own problems and take risks.

Jay Josefosky

I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and have been living in Turin for the past three years. Over the course of my career I have taught in the United States, Ghana, and Italy. In addition to studying elementary education at Central Michigan University, I have also completed graduate studies at the University of Kansas in the area of English as a Second Language. My experience leads me to having a background in literacy instructionsocial studies, and teaching English as an additional language. Teaching within the PYP curriculum allows me to guide my students in the exploration of global concepts while integrating many different subject-areas through differentiated instruction. My aim is to promote global citizenship and the IB Learner Profile in order to create an inclusive environment where all students feel safe to share, explore, and describe the world around them.

Jennifer Wolfe

I am originally from North Carolina but have fallen in love with Italy and my adoptive city of Turin, where I have lived for ten years. As a natural linguaphile, I began my career first as an English as a Second Language teacher and then, after completing my Master’s degree, as an Italian teacher. I am particularly passionate about language acquisition and how young children first learn to communicate. I am also a firm believer in the benefits of the IB PYP program for young learners, which embraces inquiry and promotes play, discovery and exploration. I believe that by supporting children’s natural curiosity and inclination to learn, we lay solid foundations for future learning.

I am constantly amazed how such little people can achieve such remarkable things. I look forward to working with your children and accompanying them on this extraordinary journey!

Katharine Tracey

I am originally from the Chicago land area in the United States, however, I now call Turin home after moving here over 7 years ago.  I received my undergraduate degree at Indiana University, where after, I continued my studies in Italy with a masters in communications and an additional graduate degree in international teaching which led me to the wonderful world of IB teaching and learning. I have been teaching in various school environments, throughout my time in Italy, where English is primarily a second language.
I believe that learning is an experience to be had outside the book, and that is why I am a strong advocate for the IB teaching and learning program.  I aim to bring my passion for teaching and learning to our students so they can become enthusiastic life time learners.
I strive to encourage a positive, uplifting, dynamic and well organized classroom in order for my students to succeed.
If you can’t find me in the classroom, you’ll be able to find me on a yoga mat, skiing down a mountain, or planning my next trip.
Kristin Walter

I am originally from Saxony, one of the most beautiful regions in Germany due to its huge density of fortresses and magnificent castles.
After completing my university degree in German as a foreign language, English and Italian I went to Italy.
Here I had the opportunity to teach German to all levels: from university students to professionals at the first training centres, down to little ones at European institutes.
I love teaching and passing on my passion for the German language through interactive and funny lessons.
Mario Prisco
Originally from Naples, during my undergraduate studies, I started to study and live in multilingual and multicultural environments. After manifold working experiences throughout Europe, I changed my career path. In Scotland I completed a PhD in contemporary Italian literature and, subsequently, a PGCE in language teaching. Since 2011, I have been teaching in international IB schools. I am passionate about the IB philosophy, as I strongly believe in creating a class environment in which pupils feel safe and free to express themselves. I aim at stimulating them to inquiry, critically think, creatively communicate, take risks and reflect on their learning. In this way, they grow as independent learners and are well-equipped to find their place in our society.


Matthew Logan

I have grown up in Manchester, Great Britain and since university have had interest in aligning my passion for teaching with a love for different cultures. Over the last three years, I have been working in an international school in Qatar teaching Grade 3, where I have been able to grow confidently into my own teaching style. I believe that a rich respect for different cultures can enrich an individual and this shapes the classroom environment I aim to create. My interests range from being active in sports to learning about history. Torino has a long history which I look forward to exploring.

Michael Todd Currence

I have been teaching mathematics for over 25 years in the USA (Ohio, Florida), Torino and lastly in Abu Dhabi.
I have over 15 years experience teaching DP and MYP mathematics. I have taught the American Curriculum, IB curriculum, IGCSE and A-levels. My motto is “Do your best and forget the rest, just don’t forget the stuff on the test!”
Nuria Garzas

I am a Telecommunication Engineer born in Madrid, Spain. As an Engineer, I worked in several projects related with Renewable Energies and sustainability; but since I started teaching, it became one of my life’s pillars. I got a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education  and started teaching MYP. As a teacher I enjoy to develop the inquiry cycle in class and I like to readapt my units according with the students thoughts or skills. I usually introduce the environmental global issues and encourage students to think about how the change might be in our hands.
I have taught Art and Drama in Venezuela and Maths and Technology in France, which provides me with a wide international experience and an interdisciplinary background to develop different skills which are useful for students.

Stella Sichrovsky

I have spent the past fifteen years working as a teacher in Shanghai, China, primarily in the fields of Early Years and EAL. Knowledge that is gained through hands-on experience is central to my teaching style. I am passionate about teaching, especially in the area of literacy. I am an avid reader and ardent about instilling a love of literature in children of all ages. I am convinced that children who attend international schools gain an advantage that lasts for a lifetime; and a multicultural worldview that is highly valuable in an increasingly global world.


Lara Pazzi

Having had the luck of receiving a truly international upbringing, I found my professional and personal fulfillment working in international education. I started my teaching career by chance almost 25 years ago and literally fell in love with the job. I have had the opportunity of teaching different subjects to all age groups and discover how fascinating it is to contribute to a child’s learning experience. Over the past ten years I have covered several teaching and leadership roles and familiarized with both the Cambridge International Examinations curriculum and the IB programs and now collaborate with both organizations as inspector and examiner. I am enthusiastic and honored to guide the brand new WINS team in the challenge of bringing high-quality international education in Torino.

Paolo Riboni

I define myself as a globe-trotter who had the chance to work in many different companies and countries, but above all, I met extraordinary people from all over the world. I am really thankful to the HR Manager of MTV who welcomed me to her team in 2004. Later on, I worked in HR positions in Prada, Istituto Marangoni and International School of Europe. Between 2015 and June 2018, I had the privilege of working in Balich Worldwide Shows. The three enlightened partners, of the most important large scale events company ever, allowed me to change the term of my Job Title: from HR to People & Culture. Nowadays I am at WINS, a place where people are the real centre of the project of a School that embraces all cultures and places of the world.

Giulia Mazzocchi

After graduating in Communications at the Catholic University of Milan, I had my first professional experience in Human Resources for a multinational company and afterwards, I have worked for ten years at the Istituto Europeo di Design, managing the Communication and Marketing department. In my life and work I love to get in touch with people and carry out projects building positive synergies in any situation. For this reason, at WINS I aim to create a positive experience for children and their families, so that they can live in a school where they feel welcomed, listened to and appreciated.
With my husband and my son, I take a plane every time we can to fulfill our great desire to explore the world.

Nicolò Allisiardi
Alessia Ferraro
Elisa Rossetto
Gheorghe Luchian

My working experiences begin in Rumania, UK and Italy making a life and working journey a way to improve my skills. I’m a professional decorator for private homes and shops, a specialist in galvanic implants and surface treatment. I also worked in a university library with logistic tasks.
As a WINS team member, I believe it is essential to give the best of my professional skills to make the school a fun and pleasant place to be part of. In this new project, I find a strong spirit of collaboration, willingness, kindness and commitment from all members of staff, together we are building one of the best schools in Italy. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and outdoors activities. Whenever I have the opportunity, like to escape the city to enjoy favorited hobby.

Valentina Brignolo

I graduated here in Torino, and shortly after completing my goal I went to England, first to Newcastle-Under-Lyme and a year later to Nottingham, the famous hometown of Robin Hood. I worked in both cities in public and university hospitals and have gained experience in several departments. In previous years I worked with children, particularly between the ages of 0-5, as I have the Early Childhood Educator qualification. During my free time I love to visit new cities, museums and restaurants, as well as spending time with my family and friends. I love my job and being in touch with other people. I’m excited to work on this new project that gives me the opportunity to interact with a young, innovative and multiethnic environment.

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