Digital Learning Experience

One of the key differentiation points of World International School of Torino is the perfect balance between digital technology and long-standing expertise in the international education sector

Tradition and Innovation, together

For more than 60 years the Formiga Family have launched successful projects in international education, with professionalism, passion and willpower. For a long time Paolo Formiga has been working on the creation of a link between tradition and innovation, and education and technology.

From this groundbreaking idea the relationship with Apple was created. Apple plays a key role in the World International School methodology, sharing values like innovation, diversity and excellence.

In World International School of Torino

the Digital Learning Experience offers:

Multimedia contents



including not only text and short videos, but animations, apps, interactive diagrams, simulations, virtual laboratories, and an array of immersive learning opportunities



thanks to embedded diagnostics that identifies student learning needs. Intelligent, adaptive tools respond by providing interactive tutorials

Personalized learning pathways

Opportunities for interactivity



not limited to the chance to respond to a quiz, an exercise, or a test. Interaction can be much more immersive, involving data analysis, design projects, virtual explorations, and other hands on activities



not confined to a discussion forum, but connecting learners with classmates and facilitating teams to work together in a cooperative space

Social experience




involving the practical application of skills and knowledge to a real-world challenge to assess learning level (for example students undertake a project or seek to solve a problem)




playing games is one of the most powerful instruments for boosting student engagement, also in the digital environment.

Gamified user experience


Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced

John Keats

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